3 Haziran 2014 Salı

Is Platini part of corrupted Turkish match fixing case too?

UEFA's fax addressed to Turkish Football Federation regarding new disciplinary proceedings of Fenerbahce SK.

Will UEFA act on Fenerbahce SK or tolerate match fixing?

UEFA launched new disciplinary proceedings on 30.05.2014 regarding Fenerbahce SK, following Trabzonspor’s complaint, but latest news regarding Platini's involvement in 2020 Qatar corrupted World Cup bid raised a big question mark on Fenerbahce SK investigation too. As known Mr. Michel Platini was very strict on Turkish match fixing scandal  at start and made declaration several times that all teams involved in match fixing must be punished, but the progress of this case slowed down after Platini's meeting with Turkish Prime Minister in Ankara. 

Although all regulations and disciplinary procedures, which are listed below, order to relegate Fenerbahce SK and all other teams involved in match fixing neither Turkish FF nor UEFA applied these sanctions yet. The verdict will be announced on 17.07.2014 by UEFA and it is Platini's and UEFA's big test whether they were bribed in this case or not!!!

Getting back to the case; Trabzonspor claims that, Turkish Football Federation (TFF) does not apply relevant sanctions to Fenerbahce SK, despite the fact that they were found guilty of fixing several matches by UEFA Disciplinary Committee, CAS and Turkish Court and therefore, UEFA must act immediateley and make sure that TFF relegates Fenerbahce SK.

According to the Turkish Football Federation Disciplinary Code 55/1(b) ; Teams, whose board members are involved in match fixing or bribery, must be relegated to a lower divisionbut TFF failed to apply this code so far…

According to the Resolution signed by UEFA and TFF in Astana; Clauses 5f, 5g and 10 clearly indicates that; Teams involved in match fixing at board level MUST BE RELEGATED.

According to the UEFA Statutes (Edition 2012) ;
Obligations of Member Associations Article 7bis:
(1) [Fair Play, Statutes, Laws of the Game]:

Member Associations shall have the following obligations:
a) to observe the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship in accordance with the principles of fair play; Member Associations shall include these obligations in their statutes, as well as a provision that leagues, clubs, players and officials shall observe these obligations.

So, it is fair to say that Turkish Football Federation is protecting proven match fixer Fenerbahce SK by not relegating them to a lower division and UEFA has not acted on this matter so far…

We know that UEFA Disciplinary Inspector took Olimpiakos Valou and Pobeda FC cases as an example in Fenerbahce SK’s trial and we would like to remind you that Olimpiakos Valou was relegated four divisions and Pobeda FC was banned from European Competitions for eight years.

Therefore, as Turkish fans seeking justice, we expect UEFA to act according to the Statutes stated below and either make sure TFF relegates Fenerv-bahce SK and all other teams involved in match fixing and ban the individuals from football or suspend TFF’s membership;

Withdrawal and Termination of Membership, Exclusion, Dissolution of a Member Association:
Article 8/ 3 
A Member Association may be excluded from UEFA if it has:
b) seriously breached these Statutes or a regulation or decision made under them;

Suspension: Article 9; 1) If, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, a Member Association has committed a serious breach of these Statutes or regulations or decisions made under them, the Executive Committee shall be entitled to suspend the membership of the Member Association with immediate effect.

Unless the statutes and disciplinary regulations listed above are applied to Fenerbahce SK and all other Turkish teams involved in match fixing, it is not fair to talk about ‘Zero Tolerance’ and this behaviour proves that UEFA is part of corrupted Turkish Football too.

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