7 Temmuz 2012 Cumartesi

İbrahim Akın'ın Savcılıktaki İtirafının Tercümesi

To the Discipline Committee Members of the UEFA,

Dear Sirs,

Please find the deposition of Ibrahim Akın below who confessed his involvement in match fixing for benefit of Fenerbahce SK by making a deal for not scoring a goal in the related game.

İbrahim Akın’s deposition alongside his attorney at the public prosecutor Office;

…I met my agent (Yusuf Turanlı) at a restaurant called Big Chefs three days before the game after his request. He told me that Fenerbahçe SK offered me $100,000.00 for not scoring a goal against them. I wasn’t fisrt warm to the idea.

… Then the game was played. I could not score in the game but felt psychologically uncomfortable during the game and tried to do my best.

… A week later we met with Yusuf Turanlı at the same restaurant. He brought me Money in a plastic bag. Then I counted the Money saw he brought $50,000.00 instead of the $100,000.00 he told me that he was going to bring. This was the Money that Yusuf Turanlı promised me for not scoring against Fenerbahçe SK. None of my team mates knew anything about this Money. I do not know which Fenerbahçe SK board member Yusuf Turanlı took this Money from. There is not any other Money related business between us and he does not owe me any Money. I did not spend this Money…

…I met my agent Yusuf Turanlı at the date stated. I told that it was Beşiktaş JK’s jersey that was taken of Ibrahim Toroman in the plastic bag. This was not true.  The truth was that I took some of the Money promised to me by Yusuf Turanlı .

…Following Hodja’s request from me to ask for more Money in order to help more I sent a text message to Yusuf Turanlı and asked for 100,000.00 Euros instead of 100,000.00 dollars in exchange with what he asked me for. This telephone coversation is about that.

…I know the dtails of the coversations that Ahmet Çelebi, Yusuf Turanlı and the others, those were mentioned in the file, had between each other. This might be for getting the match fixing Money but I do not know the others. I only know Yusuf and I was only in contact with Yusuf Turanlı.

‘I was offered this type of deal 3 times in my football career up to now and one of them is via Yusuf Turanlı for macth fixing in Fenerbahce SK game. I am regretful, I only took 50,000.00 dollars and I gave this Money around’ Ibrahim Akın said.

The persons sentenced for match fixing in Fenerbahce SK- İstanbul BB game are;

·         Aziz Yıldırım ( Fenerbahce SK-President)
·         Tamer Yelkovan (Fenerbahce SK-Finance Department Manager)
·         Yusuf Turanlı (Agent)
·         İbrahim Akın (İstanbul BB-Footballer)
·         Ahmet Çelebi ( Member of the İllegal Organisation that Aziz Yıldırım was the head of)
·         Abdullah Başak (Member of the İllegal Organisation that Aziz Yıldırım was the head of)
·         Bülent İbrahim İşcen (Member of the İllegal Organisation that Aziz Yıldırım was the head of)

Yours truly,
Ender Kuyumcu

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