17 Temmuz 2012 Salı

Karar öncesi UEFA Disiplin Komitesine Son Mektup

To the UEFA Discipline Committee Members,

Dear Sir/Madam,

You are about to decide whether the Champions League is a League that contains Champions and Elite Teams or CRIMINAL ORGANISATIONS like Fenerbahce FC whose 11 members were sentenced by Turkish Courts. They   have political and monetary power behind them which kept them un-punished in Turkey so far but with your help this can change.

All we ask from you is allowing teams to have a chance who PLAY this game FAİR against teams like Fenerbahce FC that turns this game in to 

As Mr. Infantino said, “Referees being banned for life, not because they helped fix matches but because they accepted being contacted to help fix matches”
Let alone allowing a team to compete in the Champions League whose president, vice-president and lots of members were sentenced by courts for match
fixing offence.

Another statement made by Mr. Platini was that; 'Its is not possible to seperate clubs from individuals esspecially if these individuals are board members' and
Mr. Platini also said several times that there is enough evidence to keep Fenerbahce FC out of Champions League.

We believe in your strong intention fighting against match fixing crime. Therefore we believe that, the justice and fair-play will be preserved by UEFA. We are finishing our words with Mr. Infantino’s statements:

“Once the TFF has made a decision we’ll be keeping a close eye on this affair, whether the right decisions have been taken or not”

Yours Truly,

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