17 Ağustos 2012 Cuma

UEFA'ya Mail; Rüşvet dedikodusu ve hakkımızı gerekirse FIFA, CAS ve AİHM'nde arayacağımızı bildiren mektup.

Subject : Turkish football fans demand justice as soon as possible for the sake of fair play.

To; Mr. Michel Platini, Mr. Gianni Infantino
      Dr Thomas Partl, Jacques Antenen, Sándor Berzi, Emilio García Silvero,
      Lorenz     Hans, Jim Stjerne Hansen, Ioan Angelo Lupescu,  
      Rudolf Řepka, James Shaw, Joël Wolff

I am writing this letter to you to say that Turkish football fans have no patience left regarding the decision you said you were going to take on Fenerbahce FC case.

Despite all solid evidence that Fenerbahce FC involved in match fixing in  12 games in the 2010-2011 season and the verdict of Turkish Court, you take too long to make the right decision and this delay increase speculations about yourselves too. 

There are rumours in Turkey that Fenerbahce FC are trying to get out of this mess by using similar methods that they used in Turkey and put political and economical pressure on UEFA alongside a rumour saying that UEFA and Discipline Committee members are also bribed by third parties to save Fenerbahce FC. We do not beleive that UEFA would get involved in any sort of unethical behaviour under any circumstances.

Lately, presidents of clubs that Fenerbahce FC were fixed matches with, such as; Genclerbirligi FC, Eskisehirspor FC., are now organising secret meetings to put pressure on Trabzonspor FC. They aim to stop Trabzonspor FC. searching for justice at international stages. 

Despite all these efforts and political pressure put on the president of Trabzonspor FC. millions of Trabzonspor FC fans are behind their clubs 100% on this case. Neither Trabzonspor FC nor millions of supporters will let this case go unless Fenerbahce FC is penalised and the championship throphy of 2010-2011 season is given back to Trabzonspor FC.

It is UEFA’s duty to make sure that football in Europe is played fairly and if any sort of corruption occurs, the crime is punished. With all do respect we have to remind you once more that UEFA took too long to make the right decision on this case and if the right decision is not taken we reserve the right to seek justice at FIFA, CAS and European Human Rights Court. 

Mr. Michel Platini and Mr. Gianni Infantino clearly underlined at various times that Fenerbahce FC is involved in match fixing and UEFA will take the right action as soon as they can as it is not fair to let any sort of corruption to take control over football.

Therefore, I would like to ask you once more; ‘What are you still waiting for to penalise the match fixer Fenerbahce FC? It is disgrase to football that a team involved in match fixing in 12 games at domestic league can participate in the Campions League, which is suppossed to be the elite league of Europe.

It is not fair for Turkish supporters either to put up with this corruption and watch fixed games in Turkish Super League. This is killing the soul of football.

As a result, as a football fan, I request you to do your job and follow your rules and regulation by applying the penalties stated in the disciplinary procedures of UEFA regarding Fenerbahce FC case. Are you for or against MATCH FIXING? !!!

Yours truly,
Ender Kuyumcu


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