11 Eylül 2012 Salı


To Mr Platini, Mr. Infantino and UEFA Discipline Committee Members,

A columnist of Hurriyet newspaper, Mehmet Aslan, in Turkey wrote an article on 10.09.2012 regarding the meeting between the Prime Minister of Turkey and president of UEFA that took place on 22nd of March 2012. According to him, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Mr. Michael Platini aggreed on finding a way to save Fenerbehce FC from being penalised for match fixing offences they were involved in 2010-2011 season.

This claim would not be taken seriously under normal circumstances, but you must aggree that UEFA has not been acting according to the rules and regulations lately that they have to follow whilst running the European football.

UEFA Discipline Committee should have announced their decision regarding the match fixing case of Fenerbahce FC long time ago, but they are yet to make a decision on this matter despite all solid evidence proving that Fenerbahce FC were involved in several match fixing activities.

Turkish citizens were ready for Turkish Authorities to bend the rules to save Fenerbahce FC, but were not expecting UEFA being a part of this crime too. Mr. Michel Platini and Mr. Gianni Infantino announced several times that UEFA is strict on Zero Tolerance to Match Fixing policy, but the decision is yet to be announced and this delay increases the concerns amongst Turkish football fans that the rumours about UEFA and Discipline committee members were bribed by people and organisations to save Fenerbahce FC from being penalised.

Despite all previous examples such as; relegation of Juvestus FC, Marseille FC and O.Valou FC to a lower division due to match fixing offences, Fenerbahce FC is still not only competing in Turkish Super League, but also competing at European Cups too. This is disgrace to football and unacceptable for UEFA to allow a team to participate in European Cups, whose president, vice presidents and several board members were sentenced to imprisonment for match fixing offence by Turkish Court.

The later UEFA leave the decision the worse the rumours will get and leaving Fenerbahce FC unpunished will be the proof of corruption at UEFA and its committees. Therefore, I would like to ask you once more to follow your rules and regulations on this matter and make the right decision for the sake of protecting the soul of the game and make people beleive that there still is JUSTICE in football and UEFA is there for the game to be played FAIRLY.

Finally, you need to know that, as Trabzonspor FC fans and club members we are forcing our club to take this matter to FIFA and CAS and complaing about UEFA  for not taking the right actions against match fixing crime. You have to understand that WE WILL NOT LET THIS CASE GO UNLESS FENERBAHCE FC IS PENALISED.

Yours truly,



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