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Sivasspor FC's Involvement in Match Fixing at Precidency Level

Photos of match fixing aggreements from Police reports : ·         Photos 1-2-3 : Evidence of match fixing deal between Fenerbahce FC and Sivasspor FC at board level for the last game of the season that Fenerbahce FC won 3-4 at Sivas.

As a result of the match fixing arrangement pictured above following  are sentenced to imprisonment by court:

  • Mecnun Odyakmaz (Sivas FC-President) was sentenced to imprisonment for 1 year and 6 months and 22 days for match fixing in Fenerbahce FC match against Sivasspor FC. That Fenerbahce FC won 4-3 at the last game of the season and won the championship.
  • Ahmet Çelebi ( Sivas FC vive-president) was sentenced to imprisonment for Sivas FC- Fenerbahce SK and Istanbul BB - Fenerbahce SK matches.
  • Korcan Çelikay (Sivasspor FC goal keper) – 1 year and 3 months imprisonment for fixing match for benefit of Fenerbahce FC at the match that his team lost 4-3 at the last game of the season on 22.05.2011.
  • Mehmet Yıldız (Sivasspor FC player) - 1 year and 3 months imprisonment for fixing match for benefit of Fenerbahce FC at the match that his team lost 4-3 at the last game of the season on 22.05.2011.

Telephone coversation between Yusuf Turanlı and Korcan Çelikay on 17.05.2011 ( Before Sivasspor FC – Fenerbahce FC game) 

: I, only you know, if there will be a chance to play
YT : Know this
KÇ : Looks like we will climb another stair,
YT : I hope so.
KÇ : I hope so brother.
YT : What are you doing? Are you at the facilities ( meaning trainig ground or club centre).
KÇ : Fine, there is no problem.
KÇ : How are you brother?
YT : As I told you
KÇ : Hı ( sound to express I see, OK)
YT : As I told you, Look ( he loughs) relax, you think of the operation, the operation
KÇ : Yes brother, I am thinking of the operation
YT : Ok, Ok. We will finish th operation and then you will have a holiday
KÇ : It is not that easy brother, Let there be a pay icrease, pay increase
YT : Pay increase? Great, great. You relax, relax, Don’t worry about the rest. Money. I love you.
KÇ : Thank you.
YT : Are you going to be here on Monday?
KÇ : No brother. I am thinking of going to Kayseri directly without coming here.
YT : So, Who should I talk to here, to your brother?
KÇ : You brother… You don’t need to talk to anyone. Why are you gonna talk to anyone?
YT : Should I wait for you then?
KÇ : … we will talk when I come back brother
YT : Ok, how long are you going tos tay there?
KÇ : I will come back after couple of days stay.
YT : Ok, I will get the present Sunday noon, Ok?
KÇ : It doesn’t matter brother. It is not too important whether is stays with you or with me.
YT : You are the man, you are the man. I kiss you. Take care of yourself.
KÇ : Ok, I’ll see you later.
YT : Ok, my dear, Bye bye.
KÇ : Bye bye.

The persons sentenced for match fixing by court regarding Sivasspor FC-Fenerbahce FC game are;

·         Aziz Yıldırım ( Fenerbahce FC-President )
·         Mecnun Odyakmaz ( Sivasspor FC-President )
·         İlhan Yüksel Ekşioğlu ( Fenerbahce FC-Vice President )
·         Abdullah Başak (Agent )
·         Ahmet Çelebi (Sivasspor FC board member and Fenerbahce FC congress member )
·         Ali Kıratlı (Member of Fenerbahçe FC )
·         Bülent İbrahim İşcen (Member of Fenerbahçe FC )
·         Fatih Akbaba ( Agent)
·         Korcan Çelikay ( Sivasspor FC-goal Keeper )
·         İlhan Çelikay ( Korcan Çelikay’s brother )
·         Mehmet Yıldız ( Sivasspor FC-player )
·         Tamer Yelkovan (Fenerbahce SK-Finance Department Manager)
·         Yusuf Turanlı (Agent)

      As seen in limited information shared above Sivas FC is involved in match fixing crime at presidency level and thefore must be banned from European Competitions for breaching Article 2.07.g) of the 2014 UEFA Europa League regulations.

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