23 Mayıs 2014 Cuma

Why is UEFA Protecting Match Fixers of Turkey?

UEFA's Obligations Regarding Turkish Match Fixing Case


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UEFA launched a new disciplinary proceedings against Turkish teams Eskişehirspor and Sivasspor as a result of their involvement in match fixing activities of Fenerbahce SK during 2010-2011 season.
Although it is clearly stated in Turkish Football Federation’s (TFF) and UEFA’s Disciplinary Regulations that all teams involved in match fixing MUST BE RELEGATED, 3rd season running they competed in a league they were not supposed to be, thanks to TFF and UEFA.

UEFA banned teams from European competitions, but it is unacceptable for football World that UEFA failed to make sure TFF relegated these teams.

We would like to remind you once again that; UEFA is obliged to make sure all federations obey rules and regulations of UEFA stated in its Statutes and Disciplinary Regulations.

We demand UEFA to apply all sanctions to teams involved in match fixing and prove that ‘Zero Tolerance’ is not a big lie.

Below are the articles and codes froms Statutes and Disciplinary Regulationsof UEFA and TFF;

According to the Turkish Football Federation Status Article 2/f ;

Turkish Football Federation has to obey the verdicts of UEFA and FIFA and make sure all parties, such as; clubs, players, managers, etc, obey these verdicts too

According to the Turkish Football Federation Disciplinary Code 55/1(b) ;

Teams, whose board members are involved in match fixing or bribery, must be relegated to a lower division

According to the UEFA Statutes (Edition 2012) ;

Obligations of Member Associations Article 7bis:

(1) [Fair Play, Statutes, Laws of the Game]:

Member Associations shall have the following obligations:
a) to observe the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship in accordance with the principles of fair play; Member Associations shall include these obligations in their statutes, as well as a provision that leagues, clubs, players and officials shall observe these obligations.

Withdrawal and Termination of Membership, Exclusion,

Dissolution of a Member Association

Article 8/ 3 
A Member Association may be excluded from UEFA if it has:
b) seriously breached these Statutes or a regulation or decision made under them;


Article 9

1) If, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, a Member Association has committed a serious breach of these Statutes or regulations or decisions made under them, the Executive Committee shall be entitled to suspend the membership of the Member Association with immediate effect.

According to the Resolution signed by UEFA and its Federations in Astana;


5.       Pursuant to their own Regulations and practice and subject to the application of national law, to:


        f)       ensure that, in addition to individuals, clubs are also held responsible and sanctioned in circumstances where those with authority to act on behalf of the club are involved in match-fixing, attempted match-fixing, or any other form of corruption linked to match-fixing;
g)      exclude match-fixing, attempted match-fixing, and any other form of corruption linked to match-fixing from any kind of statute of limitations.


10.     All member associations of UEFA re-affirm that match-fixing, attempted match-fixing or other forms of corruption linked to match-fixing must be met with strong and sporting sanctions, such as the possibility of lifetime bans for officials, players, coaches or referees, and measures such as the deduction of points and/or relegation and/or exclusion from competition for clubs.


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