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Coversation regarding Senes Erzik

On 02.03.2014 a voice record of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdoğan was released that includes his conversation with his son Bilal Erdoğan.

They talk about Fenerbahçe SK congress and during this conversation he mentions his talks with Mr. Şenes Erzik and Mr. Michel Platini and how he managed to save Fenerbahçe SK from relegation.

You can find exact translation of relevant parts with the times of these conversation in the voice record below.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan : RTE
His son Bilal Erdoğan : BE

Starting at 1.26 Ending at 4.50

RTE : He says ( By he, RTE means Fenerbahçe SK president Aziz Yıldırım - Aziz Yıldırım makes a speach regarging meeting between RTE, Şenes Erzik, Mehmet Ali Aydınlar ( former president of Turkish Footbal federation ( also run for precidency of Fenerbahçe SK against Aziz Yıldırım at last election and Göksel Gümüşdağ- Former President of İstanbul BB FC )

RTE continues to speak : He ( aziz Yıldırım) says to Mehmet Ali Aydınlar ; What did you speak about at Prime Minister’s Office? There was Göksel with us there too. There were 3 of us. He tells him to explain this conversation. This is an immoral attitude. Mehmet Ali Aydınlar would not tell you what we spoke about naturally.I would not think Şenes Erzik would say either. It would not be possible for Göksel to say either.

BE : Who else is left?

RTE : No one else is left. You are not in our agenda. ( by you he means Aziz Yıldırım ) The subject that Fenerbahçe was involved ( he means Fenerbahçe SK’ match fixing scandal ) and its situation at UEFA, the attitude of Turkish Football Federation against this insident ( he means what he want Turkish Football Federation to do in Fenerbahçe SK case ). This is all…

What was in the agenda? Fenerbahçe SK was going to be relegated and they were not be able to attend European competitions and also National team might be affected. If you remember there were going to be a congress of UEFA too. ( he means UEFA’s congress in Istanbul which was held March 2012 ) At that congress I gave a speech and said if there is going to be a punishment you should punish people not clubs. I said UEFA should correct this. People might do wrong, but clubs, which has millions members, should not be punished. Platini said to me that I was right, but he could not agree with me as they have decision on this ( by decision he means rules, he misuses the word). This is how I look at to parties ( he means political parties and he means parties should not be punished either ) . I said I always talk about this, this is how I look at football clubs too. I told Şenes Erzik to work on this too ( He means Şenes he told Şenes Erzik to work inside UEFA not to punish Fenerbahçe SK, but to punish individuals only). You see where this case is at the moment ( by case he means Fenerbahçe SK’s match fixing case ). Fenerbahçe SK was banned for two years ( he means the ban from European competitions), but neither Turkish Football Federation nor UEFA  had Fenerbahçe SK relegated. This is what Mehmet Ali Aydınlar talk about at the congress…

The coversation continues and they talk about Mehmet Ali Aydınlar and congress.

On 6.16 minute RTE says his son : Ask Şenes Erzik ( he means Aziz Yıldırım to ask Şenes Erzik ) to explain what they spoke about at the meeting. ( He means that Şenes Erzih would approve RTE too that the conversation was as he says )

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