7 Ağustos 2014 Perşembe

UEFA'ya Baskıyı Arttırıyoruz

Değerli Arkadaşlar,

UEFA'nın CAS kararında ortaya çıkan ve şikecileri açıkça koruduğunu netleştiren tutumundan sonra UEFA üzerinde kurduğumuz baskıyı arttırmaya devam ediyoruz.

Kişilere verilen cezaların hala açıklanmamış olması, şike yapan kulüplere Avrupa kupalarında gerekli cezaların verilmemiş ve ligden düşürülmemiş olması ve son olarak da UEFA'nın şikayet hattına bırakılan mesajların filtre yoluyla engellenmeye çalışılması ve bırakılan mesajların da silinmesi UEFA'nın satılmış olduğunu kanıtlamıştır.

UEFA'yı bu maille başta İsviçre'deki millet vekilleri, hakimler, savcılar olmak üzere Avrupa'daki bütün yetkili ve etkili kişi ve kuruma şikayet ediyor ve gereğinin yapılmasını istiyoruz.

Mailin Konu Kısmına ''Is UEFA part of match fixing scandal?'' yazabilirsiniz.

Mail Metni:

Dear All;

As you all know UEFA, head of European football, is obliged to protect the integrity of the game with help of its disciplinary regulations according to its statutes. On the other hand all federations  in Europe are run under theircontrol and they also are obliged to rule football in their countries according to written regulations and disciplinary measures…

Despite their clear duties and responsibilities, both UEFA and Turkish Footbal Federation (TFF) have been protecting match fixers for over three years by not applying necessary sanctions stated in their disciplinary regulations.

Both organisations are supposed to protect the integrity of this game and make sure ‘Fair Play’ and ‘Zero Tolerance’ is maintained in all organisation, but despite verdicts given by Turkish Court, UEFA Disciplinary Body and CAS, neither the teams nor the individuals involved in match fixing have been punished according to the rules.

With UEFA’s and TFF’S help all individuals found guilty of match fixing, who were also centenced to impirisonment by Turkish court, are still active in football and this outlaw approach pushed sponspors and fans away from football in Turkey.

It stated in UEFA’s and TFF’s statutes and regualtions that all teams involved in match fixing must be relegated and all individuals involved in same crime must bee banned from football for life, but neither UEFA nor TFF applied these sanctions yet even it has been over a year since the trials are over…

UEFA even rejects people, who file in a complaining report regarding Turkish match fixing case at the Integrity line run by UEFA. (https://uefa.integrityline.org/# ). They either use filter so people can not proceed with their application or delete the completed forms. This alone proves how corrupted UEFA is…

Please see the clauses below from Astana Resolutions signed by UEFA and TFF in fight against match fixing and CAS award, which explains clearly how UEFA and TFF protected match fixer Fenerbahce SK  from heavier sanctions.

575. In practise, this spectrum would mean that a "standard" match-fixing offence would, in principle, have to be sanctioned with a two-year period of ineligibility. In case of particularly serious match-fixing offences a higher sanction would have to be imposed and in case of mitigating circumstances the standard two-year period of ineligibility would have to be reduced.

576. In light of this spectrum of sanctions and considering that the match-fixing attempts initiated by Fenerbahce's officials were particularly serious in comparison with previous match-fixing cases, the Panel has no doubt to determine that a sanction from the higher region of this spectrum is warranted. The Panel thereby specifically considers the fact that Fenerbahce officials attempted to fix four matches, that multiple high-ranked Fenerbahce officials were involved in the match-fixing scheme and that the match-fixing operations were conducted and orchestrated from the top administrative level of the club.

577. However, as UEFA did not file an independent appeal against the Appealed Decision, the Panel finds that it is limited in its discretion to sanction Fenerbahce as it deems fit because it cannot go beyond the sanction imposed by the UEFA Appeals Body. This would constitute a ruling ultra petita. As such, the Panel cannot impose a higher sanction than a two-year period of ineligibility (in addition to the period of ineligibility already served through the equivalent of the "administrative measure") in the present appeals arbitration proceedings.

Article - 5.       Pursuant to their own Regulations and practice and subject to the application of national law, to:

f)       Ensure that, in addition to individuals, clubs are also held responsible and sanctioned in circumstances where those with authority to act on behalf of the club are involved in match-fixing, attempted match-fixing, or any other form of corruption linked to match-fixing;

g)      Exclude match-fixing, attempted match-fixing, and any other form of corruption linked to match-fixing from any kind of statute of limitations.

Article - 10.     All member associations of UEFA re-affirm that match-fixing, attempted match-fixing or other forms of corruption linked to match-fixing must be met with strong and sporting sanctions, such as the possibility of lifetime bans for officials, players, coaches or referees, and measures such as the deduction of points and/or relegation and/or exclusion from competition for clubs.

As a responsible person  and/or organisation you alla re responsible to make sure UEFA obey its own rules in order to make sure the integrity of football is protected, otherwise bribery and match fixinf will spead accross Europe and the soul of this game will die, thanks to UEFA.
Best regards,

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